Registration of Mobile Phones for foreigners or purchased abroad.
Dear Telconsur Customer, please follow the instructions below to register your mobile phone correctly:

• Identification document: Either your Identity Card or Passport.
• Photo of the IMEI(s) code numbers obtained after dialing * # 06 # on your cell phone.
• Invoice, bill or receipt of purchase of your phone abroad not exceeding 30 days prior to the date of your registration request. If your phone arrived after 30 days of purchase date, please attach the proof of delivery voucher, which must not exceed 30 days from the date of your request (Example: Delivery date by Chilean Post Office or date of Customs delivery document). If you do not have the invoice, bill or receipt of purchase of your phone abroad, it is valid to submit supporting documentation of your trip to Chile (entry stamp to the country, flight ticket or immigration card, photo of the passport or other document that confirms your entry into the country). Date of entry not must exceed 30 days from the date of filing this request.


Registration of the first mobile phone within 1 year is free of charge. As the administrative registration applies to mobile phones for personal use, you cannot register more than 10 mobile phones within a year. Additional registrations within 1 year will be charged CLP$ 10,000 for each cell phone.

Please enter the following information to proceed to evaluate if you meet the requirements for registration.
Name and last name
Passport number
Imei (1)
Imei (2)
Mobile Phone brand
Phone model
Contact Phone
Load Files:
Photo imei (indication: please dial on your phone * # 06 # to see your imei)
Maximum size 2mb
Photo of identification document
Maximum size 2mb
Purchase document
Maximum size 2mb
Other supporting documents
Maximum size 2mb
In order to comply with the provisions of Exempt Resolution No. 1463 emanating from the Undersecretary of Telecommunications; that regulates the specifications of mobile terminals regarding operation bands and SAE (Emergency Alert System) in our country, I come to declare that:
• The equipment identified in the present application has been acquired abroad for personal use.
• I know that the terminal has NOT been submitted to the Homologation Process to certify compatible bands and SAE.
• Due to the above, I exempt Teleconsur from any responsibility in case the detailed device is not compatible with the mobile operator of my preference and / or with SAE.
• I accept the use of my personal data reported in this document regarding storage, and use necessary to comply with the requirements of Subtel.

Telconsur is authorized to invoice administrative registrations, if these exceed 2% of the total registrations made by our company (R.Ex.1463, 2016 SUBTEL)

Payment Methods:
By electronic transfer. Account will be informed via email.